Welcome to Daedalus Health Information Systems

Welcome to Daedalus Health Information Systems Incorporated, where the mission is to provide action-oriented information regarding the health and welfare of individuals, groups, nations, and the global community—thereby contributing to an overall objective to save lives and reduce suffering.    

Welcome to our temporary website that will be fully functional in the near future. Present activity includes an expanded focus upon GeoHealth and the GeoHealth Global News Network. Please click on Global Health News above for a quick review of that temporary website.


The mission of GeoHealth is to become the most comprehensive and authoritative source of information regarding global health and to extend that capability to the tracking and reporting of diseases of interest to the global health community to permit appropriate action regarding the early detection, isolation, control, treatment, and eventual eradication of communicable diseases.

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Global News Network

The GeoHealth Global News Network will rapidly become the premier source of live, 24 hour-per-day public health information. It will also serve as the centerpiece of GeoHealth's dissemination of public health information. In addition to providing epidemiological information of interest and importance to the global healthcare community, health-related news from around the world will be accompanied by information on various aspects of health, wellness, and nutrition—all via live streaming video.

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Global Health Profile

Daedalus' current organizational objective is to develop GeoHealth into a world-class system to provide timely and accurate situational awareness and a common operating picture, actionable epidemiological intelligence, for health practitioners, first responders, public health officials, and decision-makers at all levels of government. Accomplishment of that objective will also facilitate creation of the Global Health Profile

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Electronic Triage

Electronic Triage is the heart of GeoHealth's information collection system that uses physician-led and science-based techniques.

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Global Data Collection

Global information collection begins with individuals and includes input from physicians, scientific testing laboratories, live data feeds, and social media.

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24-hour Live Streaming News

The GeoHealth Global News Network is the heart of GeoHealth's information dissemination system, which contains two tiers.

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Geospatial Presentation

Geospatial presentation of information regarding global health will allow everyone to understand the state of global health quickly and easily.

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